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My keys to Coaching:


I truly care about my students and their goals

You will have a coach that listens, does the right thing, do the best I can, and show people I care.


I am old school & new school

I am a student of the history of the game and respect time proven techniques.  At the same time I am top of new trends and always striving to find more efficient ways to reach better results.


Give the right key

There are thousands of golf tips.  The difference of a top coach is he will give the key that is going to be the right thought, feel, motivation, or drill to make a positive impact on your game.  


Golf instruction should be shared...

in a simple, logical, and enjoyable manor.  


My teaching philosophy

Is to have a balaced approach to help students quickly improve.  My extensive training and experience allows me to give the correct feedback for meaningful change.  I communicate in a form that is clear and simple.



My teaching philosophy for working with kids

Is to have a balaced approach of coaching the full swing, short game, course strategy, pre-shot routine, the art of scoring, etiquette, how to treat other kids, how to enjoy the game, and how to deal with the ups and the downs of the great game.


Kids have to be having fun.  I know this from my own junior golf experience; as well as coaching over a thousand kids.


I see the potential in every junior golfer.  I will give them confidence early on and setup an atmosphere so they can succeed.


Kids soak information up like sponges and are great imitators.  Providing demonstrations, pictures, video, and clear goals help kids progress quickly.


Intergrating games into instruction gets kids engaged, gets kids focused, teaches them how to interact with others, and allows them to learn target orientation.



Tips for Parents


  • Seek out a qualified PGA Professional to teach your child the  fundamentals.

  • Provide opportunities to get to the golf course or driving range to play or practice. Make sure they want to go, do not force them. 

  • Make sure that they have equipment that fits and is made for Juniors. 

  • Let them swing away. We can teach control later, let them hit the ball as far as they can.

  • Spend lots of time on and around the practice green. All good  players learned to score by becoming proficient at putting and chipping. 

  • Praise the good shots, forget the bad ones. Positive reinforcement  works best.

  • Be tough on poor sportsmanship and bad tempers. 

  • Stay involved, be supportive and encouraging in all their endeavors.  De-emphasize winning.

  • Keep it fun! If they are not having fun, stop, leave the course and come back another day. 



  • Be there coach. Kids get turned off by too much information.

  • Put pressure on your child to win or improve.

  • Show negative emotions/disappointment.

  • Get too excited if your child wins/loses.

  • Let it be work. Golf should be pure, unadulterated play time.



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