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Tips for Parents



  • Seek out a qualified PGA Professional to teach your child the  fundamentals.

  • Provide opportunities to get to the golf course or driving range to play or practice. Make sure they want to go, do not force them. 

  • Make sure that they have equipment that fits and is made for Juniors. 

  • Let them swing away. We can teach control later, let them hit the ball as far as they can.

  • Spend lots of time on and around the practice green. All good  players learned to score by becoming proficient at putting and chipping. 

  • Praise the good shots, forget the bad ones. Positive reinforcement  works best.

  • Be tough on poor sportsmanship and bad tempers. 

  • Stay involved, be supportive and encouraging in all their endeavors.  De-emphasize winning.

  • Keep it fun! If they are not having fun, stop, leave the course and come back another day. 



  • Be there coach. Kids get turned off by too much information.

  • Put pressure on your child to win or improve.

  • Show negative emotions/disappointment.

  • Get too excited if your child wins/loses.

  • Let it be work. Golf should be pure, unadulterated play time.


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